New Hermes Cutter Grinders

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The New Hermes CG-4 was very much like the Gorton 265 or the Alexander 2CG (or, kinematically at least, the Deckel SOE).

To the best of my knowledge, New Hermes cutter grinders do not allow the cutter to be ground in-place in a removable spindle. Nevertheless, the late Jim Rimmer employed a New Hermes CG-4 in his excellent work (you can see him using it in the DVD "extras" in the Richard Kegler film Making Faces on Rimmer's work).

The New Hermes CG-10 and CG-30 are different machines which seem much less substantial (they lack the right-side support for the shaft on which workholding head pivots). The CG10, apparently, could only grind at three angles (14, 30, and 45 degrees).

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CG10 / CG30 Brochure, 38-441-00

"CG10 CG30 Cutter Grinders" (Decatur, GA: New Hermes Inc., [no date].) Part NO. 38-441-00. In English and Spanish.

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