The 'Quorn' Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder

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[In case you came here directly from Google, this page is not a significant resource about the Quorn. It is a small placeholding page which is part of a larger survey of Cutting Tool Forming and Sharpening in my home shop (most of which has to do with the Gorton machine, actually).]

The Quorn is a tool and cutter grinder that you, the amateur machinist, make in your home shop; not a commercial unit. The basic reference on the Quorn is Professor Chaddock's book:

Chaddock, D. H. The 'Quorn' Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder. Leicestershire, UK: TEE Publishing, 1984.

As someone who probably won't ever build a Quorn, the part I find most interesting is Chapter 6, concerning the Spiralling Head for the grinding of small helical cutters without the use of a tooth rest. This would seem to have general application to other machines.

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