Tip-Lap (Boremasters of Kenilworth)

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This would seem to have been a Gorton 265 derivative which was quite soildly constructed but is not well known. It was an English machine.

The former Boremasters of Kenilworth website announced that "From 1 October 2011 the business of Boremasters has been taken over by CARBEX LIMITED, due to the retirement of the founder and previous owner." A 2013 check of the Carbex website does not show the Tip-Lap.

Martin Smith wrote approvingly of the Tip-Lap in a letter to the editor ("Etching Pens and Clarkson Cutter Grinders") in Model Engineer's Workshop, No. 150 (May 2009): 54-55. He does identify the "Tip-Lap" as made by Boremasters of Kenilworth, and as a machine similar to the "Alexander/Deckel S0" [which were in turn derived from the Gorton 265], but provides no other technical details.

This is a rather difficult machine about which to discover information. At present, online searches will tend to return a few (or a few parts) for sale at auction or in machinery liquidation.

David Haythornthwaite has done something rather remarkable: he took a stock Tip-Lap and converted it into something approximating a Quorn. His account of it on his website includes both photographs of the original Tip-Lap and the modified machine: http://www.haythornthwaite.com/Tool%20Grinder.htm

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