David Lammas' Vickers Hardness Testing Machine

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David Lammas designed a Vickers hardness testing machine appropriate for construction in the home shop. It was described in the pages of Model Engineer, and for a time casting kits were available from M. J. Engineering (who no longer list it).

The original construction article citations are:

A single very large sheet containing the drawings from this series of articles, identified as "WE 40 Hardness Testing," is available from MyHobbyStore (current publishers of Model Engineer). Confusingly, they list it under two different product numbers, their No. 22310 in the "Model Engineering Plans" section of their website and their No. 21101 in the "Model Engineering X List Plans" section. An inquiry confirmed that these are in fact identical plans, listed twice due to clerical error. They tell me that "22310" is the most recent listing.

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