Wilder Micro-Projectors

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The Wilder Micro-Projector Model A is a really nice little optical comparator, although it's almost unknown today. The company itself had a reputation for fine work, but has been lost completely. I once spoke to a distinguished technical horologist from New England who was familiar with the Wilder factory in his younger days. He told me that the factory itself had been levelled for condominiums, and that nothing survived. Even Google knows nothing about this company, outside of a few references in comtemporary literature in Google Books. They survived through the 1970s, and yet now have vanished from history. This happened with quite a number of American industrial firms, some very large (e.g., Addressograph-Multigraph); it's a bit scary, actually. Here is what little I have.

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Wilder Micro-Projector Model A Brochure

This is a brochure of unknown title (the cover is missing, as well as page 7) describing the Wilder Micro-Projector, Model A. My original is an extremely poor thermal-paper technology photocopy; it's what I got with my machine, and is the best that I have. (Even carefully preserved in buffered tissue, my original will disintigrate soon. This digitization is all that remains - so please copy it!)

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Price List for Accessories (1976-10-25)

"Price List: Accessories for the Wilder Micro-Projector." (Waltham, MA: R. S. Wilder, Inc., 1976-10-25.)

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Price List for Vari-Beam 14" (1976-03-23)

'Price List Effective March 23, 1976: Wilder Vari-Beam 14" Micro Projector' This is of course not a Model A, but Wilder information is so scarce I thought it should be reprinted anyway.

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Surface Illuminator

Somewhere in my library I have a sheet describing the Wilder Surface Illuminator, a ring-light placed around the lens which allowed the projection of a positive image (rather than a shadow). I filed it someplace very safe, and of course now I haven't got a clue where it is. This present entry is mostly a note to myself to keep an eye out for it.

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US Patent 2,409,328 (Surface Illuminator)

US patent 2,409,328, "Illuminating Unit for Optical Projectors." Issued 1946-10-15 to Raymond S. Wilder. Filed 1944-10-26 as application serialnumber 560,387. This patent was reissued as

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US patent 2,409,328, Reissue 22,848

US patent reissue 22,848, "Illuminating Unit for Optical Projectors," reissued 1947-03-04 to Raymond S. Wilder. Original patent no. 2,409,328 issued 1946-10-15 and filed 1944-10-26 as application serial number 560,387. Application for reissue 1946-12-07 as application serial number 714,751.

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