Die Sinking Literature

Using Non-Pantographic Methods

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Die sinking is of course an important speciality in industry, with an extensive literature. This Notebook merely collects a few generally older references to manual techniques appropriate to my small-scale, home-shop / hobby activities.

This Notebook considers die sinking done by hand, by horizontal milling, and by vertical milling. It does not (mostly) consider methods involving pantographic milling. For that, see ../../../ Pantograph Engraving (which in turn is, at present, just a set of pointers to the relatively extensive coverage of pantograph engraving elsewhere on CircuitousRoot).

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Lucas (1918)

Lucas, Chester L. and J. William Johnson. Drop-Forging Dies and Die-Sinking. (NY: The Industrial Press, 1918.) This is No. 107 of "Machinery's Reference Series" (The Industrial Press published Machinery magazine.)

This has been digitized by Google Books from a University of California copy. It is available online via Google Books; the icon here links to a local copy of their PDF.

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Woodworth (1911)

Woodworth, Joseph V. Drop Forging, Die Sinking and Machine Forming of Steel. NY: The Norman W. Henley Publishing Company, 1911.

This has been digitized several times. The icon to the left links to the digitization of the University of Toronto copy presented at The Internet Archive. For convenience, here is a local copy of the PDF version of that digitization: dropforgingdiesi00wooduoft.pdf and here is a local copy of the DjVu version of that digitization: dropforgingdiesi00wooduoft.djvu

This book has also been digitized by Google, and is available through Google Books.

The Google digitizations of this book are also available at The Hathi Trust (two versions digitized from University of Wisconsin copies, IDs "uc1.b27048" and "uc2.ark:/13960/t4kk95c2" and also a version digitized from, I believe, the Univ. of Wisconsin copy, ID "wu.89088935804").

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