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image link-topic-sf0.jpg

From: Lukin, J., ed. Turning Lathes. Fourth Edition. (Colchester, UK: Britannia Company, 1894): 65. Scanned by the author from the original.

This is a Model D pantograph engraving machine manufactured by the Engravers' and Printers' Machinery Company (Sag Harbor, NY). This is the same model used by Frederic Goudy to engrave matrices. For more information, see the section on this machine in the Notebook on Eaton and Related Pantographs.

This illustration is from American Machinist. Vol. 51, No. 1 (July 3, 1919): 41. ("Shop Equipment News" column). This volume has been digitized by Google from the Princeton University copy and is available via The Hathi Trust (Hathi ID: njp.32101048995185).