Surface Grinding

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1. Introduction

If you're unfamiliar with machine shop equipment, the term "surface grinding" might seem odd - after all, every machining operation except heat treating happens at some surface or another. But "surface grinding" refers specifically to those operations performed on a machine termed a "surface grinder" which is particularly adapted to the production of relatively large, usually flat, surfaces. The surface grinder is the simplest grinding machine tool (the bench or pedestal grinder is simpler, true, but while it is often found in machine shops it isn't generally thought of as a "machine tool.") It is basically a grinding wheel mounted on a fine-control downfeed above an X-Y table which holds the workpiece.

Abrasive machine tools such as the surface grinder are useful because they can work on hardened steel. They really ought to be more common in the home shop.

2. Literature on Specific Surface Grinders

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I have a Reid Model 2-C Surface Grinder, so naturally it interests me more than most.

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