Teletype 5-Level Equipment

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Aside: These Notebooks discuss conventional "5-Level" Teletype and compatible equipment. For the equivalent Notebooks concerning Teletypesetter (6-Level) and compatible equipment, see CR Typefoundry & Press -> Mechanics: Type Machinery in Detail -> Linecasters: Linotype & Intertype; Ludlow -> Teletypesetter (6-Level) Equipment.

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CircuitousRoot's Teletype Equipment

15 Type KSR.

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Consumables and Supplies

Specifications/Measurements and, sometimes, suppliers: 5-Level Tape (Teletype, Kleinschmidt). Roll Paper. Ribbonts. Lubrication.

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TTY Installation and Building a Private Line

[NOT DONE] [Making a 120V 60mA Current Loop Ciruit] [Wiring a 15 type KSR] [Wiring a 28 type KSR]

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