Teletype (5-Level) Wishlist

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1. 5-Level Teletype and Compatible

It would be nice to get a working 5-level typing reperforator.

At a lesser level of importance, it would be nice to have various items to "round out" the 5-level equipment. This might include:

Although I don't strictly need another Model 15 or 28, I certainly wouldn't refuse one if it turned up. Also, if you're anywhere within a few hundred miles of southwestern Wisconsin and you have TTY equipment of any kind that you're going to toss in the landfill (it happens, alas), drop me a line. Even if it something that I can't use or don't need, I have a barn to store it in and am starting to get to know serious TTY folks who might, someday, need it.

2. Network Components

While many Teletype enthusiasts want to hook their machines up to computer or radios (RTTY), which requires only a way to adapt the TTY current loop to something like RS-232 or USB, I want to run my machines as an actual landline telegraph network. This means that I need the landline telegraph components which are often discarded in RTTY/computer use. These include:

3. See Also (TTS)

These Notebooks discuss conventional "5-Level" Teletype and compatible equipment. For the equivalent Notebooks concerning Teletypesetter (6-Level) and compatible equipment, see CR Typefoundry & Press -> Mechanics: Type Machinery in Detail -> Linecasters: Linotype & Intertype; Ludlow -> Teletypesetter (6-Level) Wishlist.

4. Contact

David M. MacMillan 
2526 Wearne Road 
Mineral Point, Wisconsin 53565 
(608) 623-2286 

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