Teletype Theory & History

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Aside: These Notebooks discuss conventional "5-Level" Teletype and compatible equipment. For the equivalent Notebooks concerning Teletypesetter (6-Level) and compatible equipment, see CR Typefoundry & Press -> Surveys: Type Processes and Machinery -> Introduction II: Surveys of the Equipment -> History and Surveys of Hot Metal Machinery -> Composing Linecasters -> Teletypesetter (6-Level) Theory and History

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Introduction & Why

What is a Teletype? What do people do with them now? Why have I got a few?

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The Theory of Start/Stop Isochronous Transmission

[NOT DONE] This is the sort of brilliant simplicity that took decades to figure out.

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Codes that Don't Count

Some Printing Telegraph Codes as Products of their Technologies (With Particular Attention to the Teletypesetter).

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A Gallery of Teletype Images

These are mostly from the Library of Congress and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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