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Cleaning the Workshop

[NOT DONE] The shop vacuum should be the second tool you buy. [other than that, not much here; perhaps investigate someday (a) just where does the dirt come from even after you've just swept, and (b) what is it that makes old Linotype gunk so amazingly dirty.

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Organizing the Workshop

[NOT FINISHED] small shop organization tips from the literature (public domain); photographic/engraving miscellany of shop setups (public domain) and links to the literature for copyright photos; job shop/shop ticket/tool-crib stuff from the older literature.

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Workshop Philosophy

[NOT DONE] The Words of Craft. The Smith in Mythology. Pirsig. The Slider Puzzle as a Way of Life. Book Reviews (Shute, Trustee from the Toolroom).

DONE: Projects with Half-Lives. Nevil Shute ( Trustee from the Toolroom) on "clean" and "dirty" shops.

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Building Workshop Equipment

[NOT DONE] Messing about with old electric motors.

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Autobiographical notes on my own workshops.


How Not To Do It.

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A Prehistory of My Workshops

[NOT DONE - they never were :-) ] On building a series of successively bigger but still always flawed workshops.

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