About the Images

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The image is cropped from the cover of a booklet of telegram forms dating from the 1930s. It is for the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company system, which operated from the 1880s through 1943. I scanned this from an original booklet that I own. Clicking on the image as it appears here will link to a PDF of an abbreviated version of this booklet (which contains the front cover, one form sheet, and the back cover). This booklet, my scans of it, and the image and PDF presented here are all in the public domain.

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The image is "The Soul of the Soulless City" by C.R.W.Nevinson. First exhibited in 1920. Image copyright © by the Tate Gallery and released under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND (3.0 Unported). Tate Reference No. T07448.