graphein (γράφειν)

A Strange Use of Good Tools

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It is, on the other hand, quite as obvious that some text matter put somewhere rather for the pleasure of the man who had it put there than for the casual visitor or passer-by ... can with some advantage be given a more or less enigmatic form of presentation ... . - Jan van Krimpen. On Designing and Devising Type.

BY WAY OF AN EXCUSE: While the graphein system has been working quite nicely for some time, this writeup in explanation of it is still very rough - some of it is, indeed, simply notes. Moreover, I am in the process of rewriting graphein so as to itself employ Literate Programming techniques, with the intent of making this writeup the graphein Literate Program itself. Since graphein already works, this is taking a while. Still, the system works and for the most part everything is here which is necessary to build, rebuild, and use it. It's just that it will all get better.

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