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image link-topic-sf0.jpg

From Sandys, John Edwin. A History of Classical Scholarship from the Sixth Century B.C. To the End of the Middle Ages . Vol. 1. 3rd edition. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1920. Frontispiece.

Caption in Sandys: "SCENES FROM THE SCHOOLS OF ATHENS EARLY IN THE FIFTH CENTURY B.C. Vase-painting by Duris on a Cylix, with red figures on black ground, found at Caere, and now [1903?/1920] in the Berlin Antiquarium."

Sandys (p. 42) further describes this as Fifth Century BCE. He identifies this figure thus: "In the centre of the second scene a youthful teacher sits holding a tablet in his left hand and a stylus in his right. He is apparently correcting an exercise written by the boy who stands before him [who is not shown in the icon as cropped here]."

It looks for all the world as if he's holding a laptop computer, doesn't it?

Yes, I do need to go back and scan this at a decent resolution; this is from a quick digital photograph. On the other hand, as the topic of this document is the use of the computer where it should be invisible, perhaps a bad digital original is appropriate?

The same vase-painting is of course the source for the cover image on (at least the 2004 paperback printing of) Hansen and Quinn's Greek: An Intensive Course.

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