CircuitousRoot Open-Source Hardware

General Documentation

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1. Introduction

The documentation for each Open Source Hardware project on CircuitousRoot is kept with that project. See the Notebook on Open Source Hardware on CircuitousRoot for a list. Some of this documentation is online, but much of it is designed so that it can be printed out and put into a binder.

This present Notebook contains the general and prefatory documentation appropriate for any (or all) of these CircuitousRoot OSHW projects (or their production, if done, by The Singing Lemur LLC).

The project/machine/part symboling system for these projects is loosely based on that documented by Bancroft for the Lanston Monotype Machine Company. See the CircuitousRoot Notebook on Part Symboling Systems for a discussion. See also the Part Symbols section of the CircuitousRoot Project Organization Notebook.

2. Documents for All Series

The series with codes "ZZ" encompass the general documentation appropriate to any or all projects. At present, two series in ZZ are defined: 0ZZ (a binder and the front matter for it) and 1ZZ (the back matter for the same).

In each case, the ".pdf" file is the one you can print out to use. The ".odt" file is the OpenOffice/LibreOffice source file that you can edit, if you need to.

2.1. 0ZZ - Front Matter

0ZZ0, 0ZZ1, 0ZZ2: Series ZZ Binder and Slipcase

0ZZ3: Series ZZ Cover Page or Binder Cover and Binder Spine Label:

Note: These are used only if Section ZZ has its own binder.

0ZZ4: Binder Layout Guidelines (i.e., document order)

0ZZ5: Open Source Hardware on CircuitousRoot: An Introduction

0ZZ6: The CircuitousRoot Part Symboling System

0ZZ7: CircuitousRoot Series and Machine Code List

0ZZ8: CircuitousRoot Standard Components List

2.2. 1ZZ - Back Matter

1ZZ0: CircuitousRoot Open Source Hardware Licensing Terms

1ZZ1 Documentation Style Guide

2.3. 2ZZ - Auxiliary Material

2ZZ0 About Operations Schedules

2ZZ2 Operations Schedule, First Sheet (anonymous version; add your name)

2ZZ3 Operations Schedule, Following Sheet(s)

Documentation Style Template