Of Steampunk and Related Images

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Images that for whatever reason I find inspirational in the Steampunk line.

This first image is from:

Orcut, William Dana and Edward E. Bartlett The Manual of Linotype Typography. (Brooklyn, NY: The Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1923).

It is the frontispiece, and bears the title "The Hand that Keeps the World Informed. It is perhaps more inspired by German Expressionism, and more appropriate in period to Dieselpunk, but the Linotype was a quitessentially Victorian invention and I find it very Steampunk. See: The Linotype as Steampunk

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The image that "clicks through" from the one above is scaled to a reasonable size (1024x1327 pixels, 447 Kilobytes). Here is a link to the original scanned image at 1200dpi. It is quite unreasonable in size, 10040 x 13964 pixels, and 213 Megabytes, but it should be online at full resolution somewhere - why not here?): manual-of-linotype-typography-1923-000-02-ii-frontis-1200rgb.png

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