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We do a sort of "long 19th century" that starts around the time Maudslay developed modern machine tools in the very early 1800s and stops before the gates of the 1939 World's Fair. While many emphasize the great changes that occurred through this period, there was also an astonishing continuity of technology. At heart it was precision electromechanics. This is the highest level of technology that, if you want, you can build from scratch in your garden shed. We aim to do just that.

"We," in this case, are Rollande Krandall and Dr. David M. MacMillan. We live in our workshops near Mineral Point, in rural southwestern Wisconsin. Yes, we run Linotypes (David) and blowtorches (Rollande). It seems that we both like to melt things.

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Rollande Krandall

Artisan, glass bead maker, jeweler, musician, lemur. The dictionary defines an artisan as a manually skilled worker, craftsman. I enjoy making things. As to Lemur? The word itself means spirit in Latin. The people of Madegascar believe the spirits of their ancestors are reincarnated as lemurs. (Afterlife could be worse.)

Rollande is Singing Lemur® Jewelry,®. She may also be found on Steampunk Empire.

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Dr. David M. MacMillan, Mechanician

Doctor of Words. Linotype machinist-in-training. Apprentice typecaster. I seem to like every machine with "graph" or "type" in its name: Linotypes, Intertypes, Typographs, Graphotypes, Telegraphs, Teletypes, Teletypesetters, (Printing) Type, Typewriters, Addressographs, Multigraphs, Varigraphs, Pantographs, Mimeographs, Diagraphs, and the Elrod. Words as physical things. I love stationary steam engines, the smells of coal and machine oil, and ragtime music. I feel most at home in a library or a machine shop, which is perhaps why our home resembles both.

He is also on Steampunk Empire.

Here's a brief polemic on The Linotype as Steampunk

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