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The USPTO database indicates that the trademark "PROTYPE" (as used here, registration number 0621259) was first use in commerce January 1, 1954, was filed June 7, 1955, and was registered February 14, 1956. It was renewed February 14, 1976. It is currently dead. For "Photographic lettering equipment, parts thereof and alphabet fonts therefor."

A search of the patent record has not yet turned up anything relating to this machine. However, it does reveal that the Electrographic Corporation was involved in printing plates, particularly in electrotype plates, since at least the 1930s.

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ProType Gives You Display Type Fast!

ProType Gives You Display Type Fast!. (NY: ProType Division of Electrographic Corporation, n.d.) The icon at left links to a useful, but reduced-scale version of the scan of this flyer. Here's the original 1200 dpi PNG (105 Megabytes): protype-gives-you-display-type-fast-1200rgb.png

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