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Vendor Sales Literature

A sales flyer from the Mergenthaler Linotype Company promoting the Kendall.

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Vendor Catalogs

Kendall entries from Mergenthaler Linotype Company Catalog No. 27 ( Special Supplies Catalog), 1926 and Catalog No. 56 ( Linotype Accessories and Supplies (no date, probably 1950s).

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Just one so far: US Patent 2,067,609 of 1937-01-12, to Paul D. Kendall for "Ingot Feeder for Type Casting Machines."

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Photographs of a Kendall attached to a working Model 5 Linotype. [Photograph of what may be a part of a Kendall feeder.]

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Willys Peck's Model 5 Linotype, restored by Jim Gard, has a Kendall. There is a good video of him operating this machine on YouTube.

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References in the Literature

(Non-Patent, Non-Catalog literature) Ashworth. Operation and Mechanism of the Linotype and Intertype. (195). Mergenthaler Linotype Company. Linotype Machine Principles. (1940).

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