Star Metal Feeder

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1. Introduction

The Star Self-Actuating Metal Feeder was made by the Linotype Parts Company (later Star Parts).

2. Manuals

This is a brief manual published by the Linotype Parts Co., Inc. (before they became Star Parts). It is illustrated in the original with actual photographic prints. (In the original, the first page of photographs is unnumbered but constitutes page 3. The second page of photographs, also unnumbered, is outside of the page numbering sequence and follows page 5.

It contains very brief Installation and Maintenance instructions, and a Parts List. The instructions describe and illustrate installation on Linotype and Intertype style linecasters, and describe but do not illustrate installation on Ludlow, Elrod, and Monotype machines (Monotype Composition, Giant, and Type and Rule Casters, and the Monotype Material Maker).

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Manual [for] The Star Self-Actuating Feeder

This is a PDF version scanned at 1200dpi and reduced to 10 percent of this.

Here are the two photographic prints from this manual as JPEG images:

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Thanks are due to Greg Fisher ("the Linofish") for preserving this document and making it available.

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Star (self actuating) Metal Feeder Manual

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