Esham's Matrix Milling Machine

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1. Introduction

I know very little about this machine, although I am fortunate enough to have one. The brief manual that accompanies it (see below) has a sticker on the front for Federico K. Hutzler Inc., NY, but I presume that they were a reseller rather than the manufacturer.

In the Federico K. Hutzler catalog reprinted under "Suppliers," this device is listed as the '"Hutzler" Mat Miller'.

2. Manual

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[Esham's] Matrix Milling Machine [Manual]

This is a four-page manual describing in very simple terms the use of this machine. It was published anonymously, without date or copyright notice. It was distributed at some presumably later point by Federico K. Hutzler, Inc., NY at a time postdating the introduction of ZIP codes but with an alphanumeric telephone exchange.

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