Intertype Models X & Z Sales Literature

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The Intertype models X, Z, and W were machines rebuilt by the Intertype Corp. from Linotypes taken in from the field. They were equipped with many Intertype parts and used Intertype magazines and molds. (The parts catalogues also indicate a Model S, but at present I know nothing more about it. The Intertype Model V, the only other Intertype with a model letter from the end of the alphabet, was a "pure" Intertype design, not a remanufactured Linotype.)

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"Factory Rebuilt Linotypes" (Models X & Z)

"Factory Rebuilt Linotypes Thoroughly Reconstructed and Modernized with Intertype Parts and Improvements." (Brooklyn, NY: Intertype Corporation, n.d.)

Thanks are due to Dave and Beth Seat of Hot Metal Services for preserving the original of this document and making it available.

Here are higher-resolution versions of the pictures of the Model X (left, two magazines) and Model Z (right, one magazine) from this brochure.

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