Monomelt Company Linecasting Accessories

The Curle Matrix Anvil

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Monomelt was of course known primarily for The Momomelt System of hot metal feeders. For information on these, and for a list of all Monomelt Company products covered on CircuitousRoot (including the Monomelt Dross Sifter and parts/attachments for printer's saws), go to the ../../../ Common Casting Equipment -> Metal Feeders -> The Monomelt System Notebooks.

They made several other hot metal product, however. This present notebook treats of Monomelt Company linecasting accessories. At present, this consists of only one item: the Curle Matrix Anvil.

Note that there was also a Curle Manufacturing Company (and perhaps a successor company, the Curlesaw Co. I do not know the relationship between Monomelt and the Curle Manufacturing Company. For information on them (and the Curle Slug Corrector), see the Curle Mfg. Co. / Curlesaw Co. Notebook.

Both the Curle Matrix Anvil and the Curle Slug Corrector are based on work by George L. Curle of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Matrix Anvil seems to be covered only by a US design patent for its decorative form, Design Patent D87036 issued May 24, 1932 to George L. Curle (filed Jan. 20, 1932 as application serial number 42,564). The base patent for the Curle Slug Corrector seems to be the much earlier US letters patent 1,287,900, issued Dec. 17, 1918 to Curle (filed Oct. 22, 1917 as application serial number 197,842), "Slug-Sawing Attachment for Linotype Machines." Curle also took out the basic patent for the Monomelt metal feeder.

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Curle Matrix Anvil Flyer/Instructions (1937)

This is a single-sheet flyer. The heading on the recto is "Precision Tools ... Save Time and Materials". The heading on the verso is "How The Curle Matrix Anvil Tool and Gauge Assembly Is Operated for Efficiency". It was accompanied in my source by a single sheet, also reproduced in this PDF, of "Some Curle Matrix Anvil Users." This sheet of users bears the date "April 23, 1937."

Thanks are due to Dave and Beth Seat, Hot Metal Services, for making this material available.

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US Design Patent D87036

United States design patent D87,036, "[Ornamental] Design for a Matrix Anvil," issued 1932-05-24 to George L. Curle. Filed 1932-01-20 as application serial number 42,564.

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