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1. Gossens Automatic Spaceband Cleaning Machine

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Gossen Automatic Spaceband Cleaning Machine

A 4-page brochure. It is undated, but must date from at least 1963 (the introduction of ZIP codes). It almost certainly dates from nearly then, because Gossen's patent was issued in 1963. The PDF linked here is 48 Megabytes in size.

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US Patent 3,090,057. "Spaceband Cleaner"

United States patent 3,090,057. Issued 1963-05-21. Filed 1961-12-28 as application serial number 162,840. Clarence E.Gossen. "Spaceband Cleaner." Not assigned.

I don't know enough about the Mortco/Gossen machine to know if this is the patent for it, but it seems likely. Gossen was in Kennewick, WA and Mortco was in Portland, OR.

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