William Reid Company

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1. Introduction

The undated magazine rack brochure, reprinted below, gives the following information about this company:

"William Reid Co. 2271 Clybourn Ave. Chicago 14 [phone] DIversey 3766

"Business started in 1912 making special tools and appliances for Linotype and Intertype users, typecasting machines used in printing plants and newspapers. Makers of gages, special cutting tools and form milling cutters. Makers of vacuum pumps for following uses: milking machines, on large printing presses to operate automatic paper feeder. Laboratory use. Will also build special vacuum pumps to suit user requirements."

2. Magazine Rack Brochure

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[Magazine rack brochure]

Undated (after the introduction of the Linotype Models 33-36, but before the introduction of ZIP codes or fully numeric telephone exchanges). This is a four-page brochure advertising their Linotype and Intertype magazine racks.

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