Engineering Drawings & Data

Part Numbers D*

Linotype Parts Company / Star Parts

Mark Turpin

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Click on any link in the list to go to an image of the sheet. Sheets are engineering drawings unless otherwise noted.

The D-6 / D-2031 / D-5210 / D-5912 Linotype Star Wheel parts by Mark Turpin which appear here are not in fact Linotype Parts Co. / Star Parts components, but rather are parts reverse-engineered Star Wheels by Turpin. My normal convention would have been to file these in an appropriate subsection of the Notebooks for "Individual Makers of Linotype & Intertype Compatible Parts." But since he used the surviving Star Parts drawings in creating them, I've filed them here instead.

These 3-D models by Mark Turpin are in IGES ("Initial Graphics Exchange Specification") format (a vendor-neutral CAD data format) and STL (STereoLithography) format (commonly used as input into "rapid prototyping" and "3-D printing"/Stereolithography systems). They are Copyright 2013 by Mark Turpin and are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. You will need an appropriate IGES and/or STL capable viewing program to view them (example: Meshlab under Linux for the STL files).

Part No. D-6. Star Wheel, Small (1" Diameter):

Part No. D-2031. Star Wheel, Large (1 3/8" Diameter):

Part No. D-5210. Star Wheel, Small (1 1/16" Diameter, for tape operation):

Part No. D-5912. Star Wheel, Medium (1 3/16" Diameter):

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