Third-Party Linecasting Literature

Technical Works

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Things related to linecasting written neither by a manufacturer (the "first party") or the customer (the "second party"), but by others. I'm making a distinction here between items which are concerned primarily with hands-on maintenance (which are the ones included here) as opposed to those which are historical or "semi-technical" in focus (which are in the Notebooks on ../ Third Party Historical linecaster literature.) By "semi-technical" I mean works which explain the technology with sufficient detail to understand it but not with sufficient detail to repair it. There will, of course, be overlaps between these categories.

Literature on operating procedures (e.g., keyboarding) will be found in Use: Type Machinery Operation -> Composing and Casting Type -> Operating a Composing Linecaster -> Composing Linecaster Operating Literature

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Harding & Loomis. Linecasting Operator-Machinist. McCall. Linotype Manual.

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