The English Model 65 Linotype


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1. Overview

Introduced in 1913. Four-magazine mixer (1 & 2, 3 & 4).

I am aware of no explanation as to why such a high (and out-of-sequence) model number was assigned at this early date.

(There is no chance of confusing this with an American model. American Linotype model numbers ended at 36.)

By way of comparison, the first American four-magazine mixer was the American Model 9, but that was a most unusual machine which mixed all four magazines simultaneously. The first American four-magazine mixer in pairs was the American Model 29, a "Blue Streak" machine introduced 23 years after the English Model 65, in 1936. (Though to be fair, it allowed mixing in adjacent pairs, not fixed pairs, and in that sense was more like the English Model 6 of 1916.)

2. Characteristics and Appearance

{L&M Circa 1936}, p. 16, describes the machine thus:

"The Model 65 has four magazines and two distributors. The magazines were arranged in pairs, and changed from one pair to the other pair by handles on the right of the magazines. The change from one magazine to the other was very simple, so that matrices from both magazines of either pair could be used in the same line.

Or, as they put it more succinctly later, "matrices from magazines 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 could be mixed." ( {L&M 1964}, p. 2.)

Here it is as shown in {L&M Circa 1936}, p. 15.

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3. Notes and References

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{L&M 1964} The Linotype Manual. London: Linotype and Machinery Limited, 1964.

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