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image link-topic-sf0.jpg

This image is from the American Type Founders specimen book:

Handy Type Index. (Elizabeth, NJ: American Type Founders, 1966.) Printing code: TY-154 EP20M 11-66.

I cheated a bit and changed the title, but it isn't really cheating as this is, in fact, the anatomy of all type. All of the features of three-dimensional metal type as shown and identified here which can be projected into two dimensions parallel to the face can be represented by exact analog in the digital realm. Yet in digital "type" as we know it, they were not - not because they couldn't be, but because programmers didn't actually understand type. What we have, instead, is computer-aided lettering. This misdirects those who use it into thinking that they are part of a field which they are not (type) while at the same time denying them the tools and historical resources of the field in which they are actually working (lettering).

This is, after all, a heretic's guide.

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image link-to-atf-handy-type-index-and-price-list-TY-154-EP10M-6-69-c1-27-sf0.jpg

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