Letterpress for Nonrelief Processes

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This set of Notebooks concerns letterpress methods adapted for non-relief printing processes. These were characteristic of the brief transitional period from letterpress to offset printing.

This is the opposite of photoengraving and photopolymer plate technology / flexography, which are the use of nonletterpress techniques (photographic and digital composition) to produce relief printing plates.

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Ludlow Brightype

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Ludlow/Hammond Hot Metal Paste-Up

The material here is literature provided to sales representatives to help them sell Ludlow products in support of the system of "hot metal paste-up." These include a Hammond Machinery Builders bulletin about the system and a set of photographs of the system in operation at the Ogden Standard Examiner.

The material here involves the Elrod as much as the Ludlow Typograph. It also shows the Ludlow Shell-Hi Slug Shear.

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