Thompson Typecaster Photographs by Jenny Addison

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Above is photograph of Sky Shipley of Skyline Type Foundry emptying the Melting Pot of a Thompson at the 2009 combined APA Wayzgoose and Midwest & Great Northern Printers' Fair. Below, Sky is pouring the typemetal into small ingot molds. The reason for emptying the Thompson Melting Pot, in this case, is that it makes the machine much easier to move. Sky has just finished casting 52 fonts of Hadriano Stone Cut, 24pt, and is taking the machine back to his foundry. Photos by Jenny Addison, Prop., Lock & Key Press.

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Please note that these photographs by Jenny Addison are Copyright 2009 by her. They are not in the public domain. They are not licensed under the same Creative Commons license as the rest of the pages. They are used here with her permission, and are made available for online viewing only. They may not be reproduced without the permission of Jenny Addison (don't even ask me, DMM; I cannot grant this permission). All Rights Reserved.

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