1923 ATF Specimen Book

Chandler & Price Gordon-Style Press Related Information

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These are pages from the American Type Founders Company's 1923 Specimen Book and Catalog (Jersey City, NJ: ATF, 1923).

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Page 897, featuring Chandler & Price New Series presses. Models, dimensions, some specifications, and crated weights.

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This is a (link to) a full-resolution 1,200 dpi greyscale scan, in lossless PNG format, of the 10x15 image from the page above. (Click on the image to view it. The Firefox browser lets you right-click and pull down a menu to download the linked-to image directly.) The press is shown closed (so that the rollers are more visible, I'm sure), but that is not its proper resting position (the rollers will tend to flatten themselves if left in contact with the ink disk).

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Page 909, featuring the long and short Chandler & Price Ink Fountains, the New Century Ink Fountain, and the Rosback Cylindrical Ink Distributor.

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Page 913, featuring Kimble motors for these presses.

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