Chandler and Price Parts

For their Gordon-Style Platen Job Presses


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1. Commercial Sources

NA Graphics (Fritz Klinke) sells grippers.

2. Measurements

2.1. New Series, 10x15

Here's a measured drawing of the surviving (right) gripper, C&P part no. 81, from C&P New Series 10x15 press s/n C50291. This press was manufactured in 1911, but this part may or may not be original to it (and may or may not have been manufactured by Chandler & Price). The part itself is pretty beaten-up (to the point that its thickness, which was probably 1/8 inch originally, is now quite variable). All dimensions are approximate.

[click image to view larger]

image link-to-gripper-cp10x15-measured-whitebackground-sf0.jpg

The image above links to a 2048 pixel wide PNG image generated from this drawing. Here is the SVG-format original drawing: gripper-cp10x15-measured.svg You'll probably want to download the SVG version to view it offline with a proper SVG program such as Inkscape.

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