Chandler & Price Gordon-Style Presses

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As background for understanding the C&P "Gordon" lines, it is useful to know something of the actual George P. Gordon presses.

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Chandler & Price

If you just say "Chandler & Price Press," you will be understood to mean one of the "Gordon" style presses made by this company other than the Craftsman or Model N (for which see below). The C&P presses were designated by their size (e.g., C&P 10x15, C&P 12x18, etc.) They were made from 1884 to 1914 in an "Old Series" and from 1911 to at least 1964 in a revised "New Series." The O.S. presses were not, of course, called "Old Series" before the New Series.

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Chandler & Price Craftsman

The C&P Craftsman presses are like the "regular" C&P platen presses, but much heavier. Manual (1946) and Parts List.

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Chandler & Price Model N

The Model N was a later C&P platen press. Instructions, Oiling, Parts List.

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