Golding Presses

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Golding is best known for three general lines of presses: the full-size "Jobber," the smaller but still floor-standing "Pearl," and the tabletop "Official. (They made a few other presses as well, but I have nothing about these (and the Golding information here is complicated enough as it is), so I'll omit them.)

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Factory Log Book

Golding & Co. Factory Log Book of Jobber, Pearl and Official Press Serial Numbers (and Paper Cutters). Courtesy of Stephen O. Saxe.

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Pointers to Pearl information. Making Pearl Nos 1 & 11 Roller Trucks.

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The Printers' Review

The Printers' Review was the house organ of Golding & Co.

So far, the material here is limited to New Series No. 13 (1 May 1893), the Worlds' Fair Edition. This has a two-page article on "The Building of a Press." (Scanned by Stephen O. Saxe)

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