Kelsey Instructional Ephemera

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How To Make Your Rollers Last

"How To Make Your Rollers Last." (Meriden, CT: The Kelsey Company, n.d. [presumed 1950s or earlier]) Printing code (form number?): 201-Q. 12 Megabyte PDF.

Note that this document describes the care of traditional rollers made of "composition," not rollers made of rubber.

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Makeready & Lineup Gauge Instructions

"The Kelsey Makeready and Lineup Gauge." (Meriden, CT: The Kelsey Company, n.d. [presumed 1970s]) Printing code (form number?): 524.

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Wedding Stationery

"Helpful Suggestions for Preparing the Correct Wording for Your Wedding Stationery." (Meriden, CT: The Kelsey Company, n.d. [probably circa 1969]). Of course, the times have changed.

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