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1. Identification

Electricaster Hand Book. Second Edition. (Chicago: Western Newspaper Union, 1926).

The "Electricaster" was a small electrically heated stereotype plate casting machine sold by Western Newspaper Union in Chicago. I know nothing at all about it other than what is in the manual reprinted here. It seems to have been a small unit intended for occasional rather than production work. As described here, it could be used with the "Electriladle" (a heated ladle) to "borrow" typemetal from a Linotype pot, and with an ordinary paper cutter used as a press to make stereo mats.

This material was copyright 1926, but a search of the copyright records revealed no renewal as required. I believe therefore that it passed into the public domain upon the expiration of its original copyright in 1954. These are scans made by me of a photocopy purchased by me from an owner of an original copy of these instructions (and these scans are public domain, too).

My "original" is itself a photocopy. Unfortunately, it cropped the header of many of the pages, and a few characters from the sides of a few of the pages. It should be possible to reconstruct these missing bits from context, however.

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Electricaster Hand Book

This is a single file PDF version.

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