The Elrod Strip-Casting Machine

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[TO DO: Add illustration of very early Elrod from ITU Lessons in Printing, Newspaper Unit III, Lesson 9, p. 17.

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Elrod Marketing Literature

Brochures and promotional material.

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Elrod History and Models

McMurtrie's Notes on the History of the Elrod (1936).

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Elrod Technical Literature


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Elrod Principles


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Elrod Tools, Accessories, Consumables, and Parts

[NOT DONE (just sketched out)] The Elrod depends upon a rather unusual complement of special tools, accessories (often in combination), consumable supplies, and of course parts. Here I'm simply trying to identify them. Just what is in an Elrod Accessories Box ("Toolbox"), after all?

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CircuitousRoot's Elrod E3463

[NOT DONE] Model E, electric, s/n E3463, 1953. Margach feeder. Status: DOWN.

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CircuitousRoot's Elrod E4129G

[NOT ONLINE YET] Model E, gas-fired, s/n E4129G, 1956. Originally fed by a gas Monomelt. Status: DOWN; restoration project.

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CircuitousRoot's Elrod Molds

[NOT DONE] Molds for Model E.

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