Universal Strip Caster

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This seems to be the machine patented by Horn (patents assigned to the Universal Mono-Tabular Corp, who made the Honig / Universal Mono-Tabular Rule Broach). Overall patent filed Sept. 1948, four months after the expiration of Hedly's 1931 repatenting of the Elrod. [US patent 2,584,704, Issued 1952-02-05, filed 1948-09-07, Harry L. Horn. overall machine. US patent 2,540-523, Issued 1961-02-06, filed 1948-06-05, Harry L. Horn. Lubrication - curiously, this is simply an improved variation on the earlier Elrod "suction" oiler, the difference being that here the length of time of the suction is controllable. [US patent 2,600,772, Issued 1952-06-17, filed 1948-04-14, Harry L. Horn. mold and cooling]

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Inland Printer. Vol. 124, No. 3 (December, 1949)

Inland Printer. Vol. 124, No. 3 (December, 1949): 96.

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Inland Printer. Vol. 134, No. 3 (December, 1954)

Inland Printer. Vol. 134, No. 3 (December, 1954): 159. A stripcaster of this type is basically a pot of molten typemetal with a hole in the side. "Thrilling to operate" is precisely what I do not want it to be.

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Lanston Monotype GADS Ad.

The Universal Strip Caster (recto) and Simplify Ruled Form Production with the Universal Mono-Tabular Broach. A sale flyer by Graphic Arts Dealer Services, a division of the Lanston Monotype Company.

Google Books lists Universal Mono-Tabular [sic] (Firm) The Universal Strip Caster: Filling Orders for Molds and Slides. ([no location]: Universal Mono-Tabular [sic], [no date]). The listing does not give the source library from which they scanned this.

Google Books cites from Strauss, Victor. The printing industry: an introduction to its many branches, processes, and products . ([no location]: Printing Industries of America, 19670). (Original from the University of Michigan): "... rules, and ornamental borders, and the Universal Strip Caster which is also used for the making of leads, slugs, and rules. Each of these machines is ..." (p. 91).

Google Books cites from Druck Print (Title varies: 1955-Apr. 1965, Archiv für Druck und Papier (slight variations); May/June 1965-1967, Archiv für Drucktechnik.) ([no location: P. Keppler, 1972.) (Original from the University of Michigan): "Erstmals -zur DRUPA Universal Strip Caster New Style Modell N, .." (p. 188)

Google Books notes without context that the following book apparently references "Universal Strip-Caster": Mesaroš, Franjo. Grafička enciklopedija: Enzyklopedisches Wörterbuch der graphischen Industrie . ( Encyclopedic dictionary of the graphic arts industries. Dictionnaire encyclopédique des industries graphiques.) ([no location]: "Tehnička knjiga,", 1971.) (Original from the University of Michigan).

The catalog of Monotype material at Cambridge: http://www.letterpress.ch/APINET/IMMPDF/Monotype.cambridge.pdf lists "'Universal Strip Caster' London, 1966. 6 p." as item Morison.MC.C3(2)

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