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From: [anon. but probably by] Lawson, Alexander. "Steve Watts, Happiest Retired Printer." Printer and Lithographer [sic] [volume, number, and page unknown] (March 1961). Reprinted at The Alexander S. Lawson Archive (Ithaca Typothetae), http://www.lawsonarchive.com/steve-watts-happiest-retired-printer/. Also reprinted in this present Notebook.

I believe that this came from one of the incarnations of The Inland Printer as it changed its name after it merged with what was once the American Printer and Lithographer (amongst its many names). If so, then as they did not renew their copyrights this image is in the public domain due to that fact. Its presentation on The Alexander S. Lawson Archive is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0. It is used here under the terms of that license and continues, here, to be so licensed. If you re-use it, please abide by that license and attribute it correctly to The Alexander S. Lawson Archive.

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