Letters from Jim Rimmer to Alex Widen

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These are letters from Jim Rimmer to Alex Widen, his friend and the proprietor of the Alden Press. Thanks are due to Alex for transcribing and sharing these.

For a lovely account of Rimmer by Widen, see his article "Jim and Me" in DA [Devil's Artisan], A Journal of the Printing Arts, No. 66 (Spring/Summer 2010) [issue title: "A Tribute to Jim Rimmer"], pp. 3-12.

If you came to this page directly from a search engine, and are looking for further information on Rimmer, go "up a level" to the Rimmer section of the "General Literature on Making Printing Matrices and Types" Notebook.

To have detailed working notes such as these, reflecting years of experience, is indeed a gift.

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Pantograph Notes for Alex Widen

Two letters on artwork, master and working patterns, matrix blanks, cutter grinding, and the use of the pantograph.

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Patrix vs. Matrix

A letter discussing the advantages of cutting patrices and electroforming matrices from them over cutting matrices directly. The patrix method allows closer fitting type which will still deliver on the Thompson caster.

Here's a note explaining patrices and Rimmer's innovative use of them .

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