Williams Engineering Co. Catalog (ca. 1919)

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The William Engineering Company were typefounders as well as suppliers of typefounding equipment. They electroformed matrices for Oxford University Press in the second quarter of the Twentieth Century, and for Harry Weidemann from the late 1940s. In 1919 they acquired Legros & Grant, who were makers of the Davis sorts caster, but were themselves makers of the Nodis Rapid Caster (named after their own works).

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Williams Engineering (ca. 1919)

Type Founders' Equipment (London: The Williams Engineering Co., Ltd., [no date, but circa 1919]). This very short illustrated catalog shows, for the most part, hand typecasting equipment. It does show a "Justifier's Pump" (a force pump), but neither the Nodis nor the Davis casting machine. It is undated, but must date from at least 1917 (the introduction of numbers into London Postal District codes), but probably dates from before 1920 (by which time Williams had introduced their Nodis caster).

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