Series TM - Type Makers' Tools

General Documents

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1. Overview

These are the general documents relevant to all items in the CircuitousRoot Open Source Hardware project Series TM - Type Makers' Tools.

Note: The projects/devices in this series are split over three locations: Tools of the Hand Punchcutter in Steel, Patrix Cutting in Soft Metal and Electroforming Matrices. This present Notebook keeps the general documents relevant to the entire series in one place.

These documents are maintained here in OpenOffice ".odt" format. Use the .pdf format version for printing, however, as it will contain the necessary digital lettering fonts embedded in it.

See the Notebook of CircuitousRoot Open Source Hardware General Documentation for Series ZZ documents relevant to all CR OSHW projects (including an explanation of the Parts Symboling System, the Series and Machine Codes List, the Standard Components List, the Documentation Style Guide, and CR OSHW Licensing Terms).

2. Documents

0TM3: Series TM Cover Page or Binder Cover and Binder Spine Label:

(Print the first page of this twice if you need both a Cover Page (to go inside the binder) and a Binder Cover sheet (to go on the outside of a "view binder.")

0TM5 Series TM Introduction

0TM7 Series TM Device List