The Story of the Typewriter

Herkimer County Historical Society, 1923

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Herkimer County (1923)

Herkimer County Historical Society. The Story of the Typewriter: 1873-1923. (Herkimer, NY: Herkimer County Historical Society, 1923). A history of the typewriter on the 50th anniversary of the first Remington, by the local historical society in the county of NY where it was manufactured.

This has been digitized by the Internet Archive with support from Lyrasis Members and the Sloan Foundation from the copy at the M. C. Migel Library of the American Printing House for the Blind. It is available at The Internet Archive, where it may be read online conveniently. The icon above left links to its presentation at The Internet Archive.

Here, mostly for my own convenience, are local copies of the PDF and DjVu format versions of it:

This book contains a number of good images of early typewriters (as well as one of a proposed monument to Christopher Latham Sholes). Each page of this book is available as an image from The Internet Archive (at the location linked above) by clicking on the "All Files: HTTPS" link in the "View the Book" section" and then downloading the file "storyoftypewrite00unse_orig_jp2.tar". This is a "tar" format archive of page scans, each of which is in the JPEG-2000 format (".jp2"). These are the unprocessed scans, so they'll be sideways and will show some of the scanner background.

The tar and jp2 formats can be difficult for some systems to handle, so here are the page images for those pages which contain illustrations, in the original .jp2 version and rendered to png. If you just want to view casually a nice picture, these will be frustrating (read the PDF or JPG or IA "read online" versions, above, instead). But if you need an image for use in your work, and are prepared to do the necessary image processing, here you go.

I have not broken out the pages which show the phrase "To save time is to lengthen life" typewritten in 84 languages. If you wish to have these as images, you'll have to get them yourself from the Internet Archive. This will spend your time and thus, regrettably, shorten your life.

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