Remington Typewriter Literature

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1. Catalogs

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Remington Standard Type-Writer (ca. 1885)

Remington Standard Type-Writer. (NY: Wyckoff, Seamans & Benedict, ca. 1885) This is a circa 1885 booklet digitized by Columbia University from a poor-quality microfilm (that's redundant) copy of the original volume which was once in their collection (no sign of it remains in their current catalog).

The icon at left links to the presentation of this scanned microfilm at The Internet Archive. Here are local copies of the PDF version: remingtonstandar00wyck.pdf and the DjVu version: remingtonstandar00wyck.djvu

As bad as the microfilming of this booklet was, the images from it are still important. The Internet Archive presentation (linked above) has the "original" digitizations of the microfilm images. These are, however, saved as JPEG-2000 format images inside ZIP files. Here are the several pages which contain images extracted from that source (and also rendered into PNG images for software which still cannot handle .jp2 (JPEG-2000)).

2. House Organs

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Remington Notes

A house organ "published for stenographers and typists by the Remington Typewriter Company."

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