Common Casting Equipment

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"Common," here, means "common between various kinds of casting machines." Thus, some metal feeders (such as the Margach) can be used on Linotype or Intertype composing linecasters, Ludlow noncomposing linecasters, Linotype Lead and Rule Casters, Elrod and Monotype Material Makers, Monotype Composition and Giant Casters, Thompson typecasters, and probably other machines as well. Remelting furnaces are for the most part independent of the machines which use their products (though some ingot molds are not), as are (generally) thermometers. Typemetal assaying is an analytic process entirely independent of specific casting machinery.

[NOTE: (In case you got here directly through a web search engine:) These casting machines and processes here are all for casting typemetal (a lead / antimony / tin alloy, mostly) for use in typecasting and linecasting equipment for letterpress printing. This happens at temperatures very much lower than those used in casting other metals such as aluminum, silver, or bronze.]

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Melting Pot/Crucible Tools and Accessories

[NOT DONE] [pot skimmers] [ladles]

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Metal Feeders

Beard-Shot. Fort-Ified Electric. Inland. Intertype. Intertype (UK). Jordan. Kendall. Linotype. Linotype Elektron. Linotype (UK). Ludwick. Margach. Monomelt. Star. Streamline.

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Remelting Equipment

[NOT DONE] [Remelt Furnaces.] [Ingot Molds.] [Fluxes.]

Notes: The Monomelt is a combined remelter and feeder. Since it feeds the pot directly, I've categorized it under Metal Feeders here (see above). The Hammond EasyKaster, while adaptable to remelting for ingots, is by design primarily a stereotype plate maker; I'll cover it under Stereotype Plate Making.

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Metal Thermometers

[NOT DONE] [The ones sold by Linotype, Intertype, and Western Newspaper Union] [The Ludlow p/n AFG999A and AFG999 1/2 A.] [Star (Ludlow-style)] [Adapting electronic thermometers; understanding thermocouples.] [Improvising without Thermometers (IntertypeWorld 2009-04-12 msg 1777 by Turner)]

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Typemetal Assaying

[NOT DONE] See Theo Rehak's Practical Typecasting for references.

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