The State of the Typefoundry and Press

What I have; What Works and Does Not

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This is a very quick survey of the major machines at the CircuitousRoot Typefoundry and Press, together with their current status and other notes. It's a sort of a high-level to-do list to help me to assess what I should be working on. Last updated: 2010-10-13.

SUMMARY: I've cast slugs on the Ludlow M s/n 16,615 and the Linotype Model 5E s/n 56,571, so this is a Private Typefoundry, and printed on the C&P Galley Proof Press , so this is a Private Press, but this is pretty minimal production, really. For the most part, I'm still in the acquisition, sorting, cleaning, restoring, and basic learning stages. I don't yet consider the Typefoundry and Press truly functional.

TO DO (short list of big items):

Note: a machine is DOWN unless it has been checked out and is in known current working order.

1. Linotypes/Intertypes and Related Equipment

2. Ludlow Typographs and Related Equipment

3. Related Linecasting Equipment

4. Teletypesetter (6-Level) Equipment

5. Teletype (5-Level) Equipment

6. Telegraph Line and Switching Equipment

7. Stripcasters and Related Equipment

8. Stereotype Platemakers and Remelt Furnaces, and Related Equipment

9. Printing Presses

10. Composing Room Equipment

11. Bindery Equipment

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