The Barth Type Caster

Notes and Photographs

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Here's the issue: Everything I say about the Barth could be wrong in (at least!) two different ways. First, I might simply err. I'm sure I will; I'll try to correct things when I do. Second, though, I might lie. In fact, I will lie, although not with malicious intent. Technical documentation is technical narrative - it's a story we tell about the machine. It simplifies and homogenizes; it rounds off the rough edges. A measurement may be 0.63 inches, but I "know" that it "really" must have been 5/8" on the original engineering drawing - so I simplify it to 5/8". Maybe I'm wrong when I do so - but if I just say 5/8", how do you know? If I say 0.625, is it any different? (yes, it is).

You don't have access to the original machine. So if you are to stand any chance at all in correcting my lies, you'll need at least access to my original data (primarily handwritten notes and digital photographs, with a few digital videos). Psychologically, this is hard to do. For one thing (on your part), this is mind numbingly boring material. For another (on my part), it is embarassing. I can't draw, my printing is unreadably ugly (I gave up on proper script years ago - remember, before I retired I basically typed for a living). But I've come to the difficult conclusion that in order for this presentation of the Barth to rest on foundations as sound as I can make them, I must make this information available.

Here, then, are my original notes, photographs, and videos. They're not presented via any fancy web interface. Click below and you'll see old-fashioned files in directories. The notes are simply scanned images. The photos and notes will probably just display if you click on them. The videos will not (download them and play them offline). The only organization is provided by the fact that I tend to encode dates into filenames.

Please note that there are certainly errors in these notes!

All of this material is copyright by David M. MacMillan, but is licensed for use under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0 license.

In only a very few instances will I redact these documents. In each case, it is simply to respect the privacy of another person.

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