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1. Overview

1792 -

Vincent Figgins (1766? - 1844) apprenticed to Joseph Jackson in 1782 at age 16 (1782 - 16 = 1766). He was unable to purchase Jackson's foundry at Jackson's death (it went to William Caslon III), and so started his own. (Reed).

[picking up the story in the 20th century...]

Millington (167) notes that the firm of P. M. Shanks & Sons Ltd[Patent Type Foundry] discussed a merger with Stephenson, Blake for four years from 1928, but did not merge. They (Shanks) then R. H. Stevens Limited. The new firm was Stevens, Shanks and Company (q.v.).

Moseley, Howes & Roche (p. 30) identify the date of the merger of R. H. Stevens and P. M. Shanks as 1933. They also note that R. H. Stevens (the person) was the grandson of Vincent Figgins I, thus identifying R. H. Stevens Ltd. with the Figgins foundry.

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